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As we begin looking for graduates for our 2020 NEXT Graduate Programme, Scott Davey, UK Talent Acquisition Lead, gives an overview of what graduates can expect to experience on our award winning, two year programme.

Scott Davey works across all levels of hiring, including engagement and selection as part of our NEXT Graduate Programme.

What role do graduates play in PM Group's success?

Our early career focus and graduate programme has been an important area and part of the fabric of the Group for years; it plays a key part in our success, project delivery and partnership with clients. Due to the specialised and complex project delivery service we provide, training and developing early talent towards our delivery, execution and work as a collective multi-disciplined team is often the most effective and valuable strategy for our long term stability, success and growth. 

What will graduates get to experience by working with us?

In one word, variety! This is due to the multi-disciplinary environment that we offer and the projects we deliver in different sectors. What an aspiring engineer, architect or project manager would be exposed to over an ‘average’ year would be really diverse. This is in terms of the type or phase of a project lifecycle they get involved with, whether that is conceptual studies and design through construction support and CQV. Also, the projects themselves they would contribute towards delivering, range from large value greenfield developments on the continent, to a portfolio of smaller capital projects on existing facilities.

What does the NEXT Graduate Programme entail?

Over the two years of the NEXT Graduate Programme, graduates receive structured development through a combination of on-the-job training, workshops, presentations and site assignments or visits. The Programme covers a broad set of areas, experience and topics with the intention to not only allow graduates to perform in their role technically but to be as well rounded as a professional and individual as possible. 

When can you meet us?

You will be able to meet Scott in person to learn more about PM Group and our NEXT Graduate Programme over the coming weeks at the following UK University Career Events:


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