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CO₂ greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise, trapping heat and contributing to global warming. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), around 33 billion metric tons of energy-related CO₂ was emitted by human activities in 2019.

Direct air capture is the process of capturing CO2 from atmospheric air. Once captured, the CO2 can be released and concentrated for sequestration or utilisation. Several companies are developing technologies to capture carbon dioxide from the air using mechanical energy to force air across a media.

A world first

MechanicalTrees™ is the world’s first passive carbon capture technology. It acts like a tree, needing only the wind to move air into the system. It is thousands of times more efficient than a tree at removing CO2 from the atmosphere.

Silicon Kingdom Holdings (SKH) is the company responsible for MechanicalTrees™. Utilising this passive approach, they intend to make the cost of CO2 capture economically viable and impactful towards reducing global warming at scale. The technology will be developed and deployed as full scale CO2 farms in multiple locations, with each farm capable of removing up to 3.8 million metric tons of CO2 annually.

PM Group has been supporting SKH in the design of a commercial scale pilot plant with services including process modelling, process design and vendor management.
“It is exciting and rewarding to collaborate with Dr Klaus Lackner, a scientific leader in direct air capture, and the teams at SKH, Arizona State University and IPEC on the design and deployment of the MechanicalTrees™,” said Tyler Underhill, Process Engineer with PM Group.

The importance of removing CO2 from the atmosphere to meet the targets committed to by governments in the Paris Agreement cannot be understated. Knowing that every step forward is a contribution to addressing global warming is ample motivation to overcome the challenges encountered.


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