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The face of pharmaceuticals manufacturing is changing. New types of drugs are now being developed with new modalities.

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Pharma facility of the future

Amongst them are cell therapy, gene therapy, bispecific antibodies and antibody drug conjugates. Some of the new drugs (such as CAR-T therapies) show amazing promise in treating diseases like cancer. 

“These new drugs utilise different types of equipment and different scales of  production facility. The industry is buzzing with discussion of what the ’Factory of the Future’ will look like” Says Andy Rayner, Director of Technology and Pharma Sector Head.

PM Group’s specialist pharma team has visualised a Facility of the Future shaped by different types of products and manufacturing scales. The key requirements are flexibility of the installed equipment and agility to deal with change.

At the same time, our clients are encountering a raft of new technologies that are changing the way pharma manufacturing facilities work. These range from  autonomous robotics and cobots (robots that work alongside humans), to single-use technology, and new in-line and at-line process analytical technologies that
facilitate fully automated production with automatic product release.

Building agility into pharma facilities is a key driver and we expect to see increasing emphasis on modular designs and potentially modular construction, as well as mobile systems which can be reconfigured in "plug-n-play" or “plug-n-produce” mode.

These are exciting times for pharma manufacturing. New innovations offer the prospect of developing cures for serious illnesses and transforming many diseases into treatable conditions. All will bring new options and hope for patients.

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