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We recently celebrated the first cohorts of graduates of our comprehensive SME Pharma Development Programme. It provides a continuous stream of experts and is vital to our long-term strategy to strengthen our leadership in pharma facility design and delivery.

Annually the programme inducts over 35 engineers and architects from across our international offices. Over the course of the five-year programme, participants from Shanghai to San Francisco come together to share knowledge and collaborate to bring the best expertise to our clients.

Key areas include seven separate streams for Bulk Bio, Chemical API, Smart Manufacturing, Fill Finish, Process Architecture, OSD and Building Services.  Graduates of the programme have the opportunity to provide mentoring and coaching to the next group of participants and to go on to join our TechTeam.

“It is great to see the culmination of this year’s programme, first dreamed about in 2015. Our expertise is vital to our clients who look to us to provide world class innovative solutions for their complex projects,” said Dave Murphy, PM Group CEO.

“The Pharma SME Development Programme is a great opportunity to grow careers with a focus on technical expertise. It’s significant that the programme is international providing strength in different thinking that different cultures bring to problem solving,” said Austin Lock, Group Head of Technology, PM Group.


Pictured above: members of PM Group's TechTeam and SME specialists with CEO, Dave Murphy (centre row, 5th from right) and Austin Lock, Group Head of Technology (front row, 4th from right)


About the SME Pharma Development Programme

The Pharma SME Development Programme is key part of PM Group’s comprehensive Learning & Development programme, which includes the Next Graduate Development Programme, Management Core Competency and Leadership Development.