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Plug and Play is one of the BioPhorum Operations Group’s technology projects. It focuses on developing automation standardization within Biopharma manufacturing.

Following PM Group's hosting of a Plug and Play proof of concept test at our Southampton office, a whitepaper has now been published on the initiative. PM Group Automation SME Keith Morris was one of the authors.

The whitepaper was a key ‘next step’ in the Plug and Play development programme. It presents Plug and Play development programme plans with demonstration and implementation planned for late 2020. Looking ahead, the whitepaper outlines potential benefits of applying Plug and Play to a biopharma manufacturing process to decrease manufacturing costs and significantly improve timelines and product quality.

“The publication of the Plug and Play whitepaper is an important and exciting step forward on the initiative’s roadmap,” said Keith. “We continue to ensure we are positioned to support clients who will want to utilise the standard in the future, for example in the design of single use biologics and vaccines facilities.”


It is available as an Ebook download from the BioProcessing International website: