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Pride Month celebrations at PM Group have been a great success. This included a range of events aimed at bringing people together and focusing on the importance of allyship.

Pride is just one way we can help reinforce that we are a safe and representative workplace. PM Group is committed to LGBTQ+ awareness and equality by creating an inclusive work environment.

We were delighted with the level of employee engagement for Pride Month. In-office celebrations, fundraising activities and educational sessions took place. We teamed up with WeCreateSpace who focused on the true meaning of allyship and how we can support our LGBTQ+ colleagues in the workplace.

An important part of Pride Month is fundraising for local office-nominated LGBTQ+ charities. Across our locations, we raised €1,817 to support the amazing work they do.

Pride Month is about celebrating, raising awareness and encouraging conversations. It also acts as a reminder of the work of the work we need to do to build a more inclusive world with our people, clients and communities.