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Industry 4.0 and other developments are bringing changes to the process industry. A new Process Safety course at CIT aims to support changing skills requirements in this sector. The course was developed in collaboration with pharma, biotech and food & drink companies.

Earlier this year Sinead Keohane, Lead Process Safety Consultant at PM Group, chaired a Process Safety industry SME group. The group represented over 20 companies from the pharma and food & drink industries in Ireland’s southern region. Their aim was to identify solutions for process safety skills and upskilling requirements.

In collaboration with the group, Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) has now developed a new one-year Process Safety certificate course.  The course is an accredited Level 7 qualification in Process Safety. It targets employment roles in production/manufacturing, commissioning and operations within pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and food manufacturing companies.

“I was delighted to be asked by the South-West Regional Skills Forum to chair this SME group and work with local clients. The new course is available to anyone working in process design and production/manufacturing. It will bring benefits including greater understanding of process safety fundamentals which are inherent to any design project and to working practice,” said Sinead Keohane, Lead Process Safety Consultant with PM Group and Process Safety industry SME group chair.


The course commences in January 2021. For more information visit: