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Procurement is one of the biggest strategic challenges for any leadership team trying to frame, shape and deliver a project. PM Group’s Mick Lynam invites you to join him to work through the success and failure factors at the 2019 ISPE European Conference in Dublin on 3 April 2019.

Mick Lynam, PM Group, on Procurement as a key project success factor

Alignment - easy to say, hard to do

Mick is Director of Project Delivery at PM Group. He has 30+ years of leadership experience on major projects in the pharmaceuticals, advanced technology, oil & gas, energy and healthcare sectors. His focus is innovation in the management and governance of complex projects.

Key issues to be explored include:

  • extent of procurement activities on a typical project
  • Critical Success Factors (CSFs) to focus on in each life cycle stage
  • integrating procurement and legal into the project from an early stage
  • linking business objectives to project objectives
  • importance of understanding the current market context
  • Project Execution Strategy and Procurement ‘flash points’
  • achieving alignment between competing priorities
  • selecting the appropriate project delivery models
  • procurement impact on project culture
  • CSFs for procurement of Equipment and Construction Contracts’


Mick’s session will take place at 11.50 (Track 4) on Wednesday, 3 April 2019.

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