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BioPhorum's Plug and Play whitepaper wins the 2020 'BioProcess International' Readers’ Choice Award in manufacturing.

The awards celebrate the best contributions on process control and quality systems. Based on digital engagement and download rates, readers ranked articles in terms of innovativeness, presentability and applicability.

Plug and Play is a cross-industry initiative led by BioPhorum. It focuses on developing automation standardisation within Biopharma manufacturing, aiming to bring significant reductions in design, build and validation times across facilities.


Keith Morris, PM Group Automation SME who is part of the Plug and Play team and co-authored the whitepaper, said, “The purpose of the whitepaper was to identify the need for such standardisation, define the approach being taken towards achieving it and outline the benefits of the approach. The publication of the whitepaper was in itself a significant milestone for the initiative; this signaled that the Plug and Play team had agreed the scope of development to pursue such standardisation”.

PM Group presented the initial concept to BioPhorum’s Automated Facility team in 2017 and provided technical leadership to develop the project’s purpose. Since then, PM Group has continued to provide leadership and input in areas such as validation approach and Proof of Concept test requirements, along with developing wider awareness of the initiative by presenting at conferences and to special interest groups.

“This award from the readers of BioProcess International proves that the work of the team is seen as valuable to the industry. It's recognitioin for the significant efforts committed to this development”, added Keith.


Read the article in BioProcess International magazine.