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Derek is an Office Projects Manager with PM Group. He talks about how the Returners Programme and 'Adapt' facilitate work-life balance.

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Derek talks about Work-Life balance with the Returners Programme

According to Derek; "PM Group developed the Returners Programme to encourage people who have the skills we need, to avail of an opportunity to return to work.

PM Group’s ‘Adapt’ policy facilitates people to work part of the week from home, while still availing of opportunities to advance their career.

We have had a hugely positive response to the Returners Programme.
It facilitates a better work-life balance and that’s a great motivating factor for most people".


About PM Groups Returner's Programme:

PM Group's Returners Programme is specifically aimed at anyone who has an engineering, technical or project management background who has taken extended leave for any reason.

At PM Group, we are very aware how daunting the prospect to returning to work can be. We work closely with our new team members to develop a personalised development plan with industry-specific skills training and mentoring.


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