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The use of IPA (isopropyl alcohol) wipe downs within pharmaceutical-grade areas pose significant challenges for robots.

PM Group and TUD (Technological University Dublin) have joined forces to find an alternative.

Dave Wolton, Biopharma Technology Consultant, PM Group explains more in an article in Cleanroom Technology.  

“It is easy to predict that autonomous robotics will start to play a much more significant role in sampling, testing, kitting and material movement and to do this they will need to move freely between areas; that means an alternative to IPA wipe down must be treated as a priority,” explained Dave.
Dave Wolton and the innovation team at PM Group realised the best route to tackle the problem was to look at the risks of using an alternative.  Once that is established, the results will be applied to a new autonomous robotics project being carried out in collaboration with University College Dublin.

Read the full article in Cleanroom Technology.