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PM Group has been awarded the Basic Design of Sanofi’s new state-of-the-art vaccine manufacturing facility in France. The award follows several months’ collaboration with Sanofi to develop the concept of their new Evolutive Vaccine Facility (EVF).

“We are delighted to work with Sanofi on the design of its new state-of-the-art, modularly designed, bulk vaccine production facility, in Neuville sur Saône near Lyon in France,” said Austin Lock, Technical Director & Deputy Pharmaceutical Sector Director, PM Group.

Innovative Design

The innovative design was developed in close consultation with Sanofi. PM Group supported the EVF project with regard to facility architecture, single use facility design, biosafety and modular design.

 “PM Group is able to draw on its vast experience of designing and constructing large scale vaccine and biologics facilities to deliver this project.” said Aidan Hennessy, PM Group Project Director, responsible for delivering the next design phase.

The Basic Design will run until April 2021 and includes some detailed design, permitting and contract procurement activities to support construction.

About the Evolutive Vaccine Facility

EVF is a new type of factory designed around a central unit housing several fully digital production modules that make it possible to produce three to four vaccines simultaneously, versus only one currently. This modularity will make it possible to prioritise the production of a specific vaccine in a more timely manner based on public health needs.


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