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The benefits of SDD™ are in the supply chain, inventory held and warehouse size. The efficiencies achieved have obvious cost implications but that is not the whole story.

A new global standard

SDD™ started life as an internal PM Group design tool and database to speed up the design of single use projects. Once created, it was realised that if the designs remained free of IP they could be shared on the internet. The idea grew and a new standard was created.

Leading suppliers

Currently, there are five suppliers on board. Two have already developed online services with others in development. They include Sartorius, Avantor, Saint Gobain, ESI Ultrapure and Artesyn Biosolutions. 

The benefits

For the growing biopharma market, SDD™ will have a significant impact. Traditionally facilities were dedicated to one type of process. With standardisation and services like SDD™, changes in process can be accommodated more easily due to the fact that reconfiguration of the parts is more straightforward.

Industry and supplier driven

The development of SDD™ required an innovative and co-operative approach. As a first step, PM Group selected best-in-class components in consultation with a number of pharmaceutical companies. Once the components and assembly designs were identified, PM Group then brought both suppliers and end users together in order to get a hands on experience. This was a significant turning point in the project as it proved that the concept worked in the production environment. 

Future development

The desired goal is for end users to dictate standards into the future. SDD™ is very flexible. It will be able to adapt and change as new technology and approaches become available. PM Group is committed to manage the process of change long term, ensuring a coordinated and well controlled approach.

Changing perceptions

For media and buffer assemblies a change in approach is long overdue. For routine assemblies such as these a shift towards picking part designs from online catalogues makes sense. This is part and parcel of the industry maturing and accepting that it does not need to always reinvent the wheel.


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