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Dave Wolton and the Innovation Team at PM Group explain the benefits of the SDD™ innovation to industry and suppliers.

Standard disposables design

SDD™ assembly designs are simple standard solutions for everyday applications. The independently created database of around 350 assembly designs can be produced by multiple suppliers and can be utilised by any end user or engineering firm.

View and download the master drawing for all 350 assembly parts here (Link to SDD parts.pdf)

The benefits for Industry and suppliers include :

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Lower stocks of components
  • Manufacturer friendly
  • Cost effective implementation
  • Future possibilities for more advanced manufacturing techniques
  • Accessible 24/7 online

In the future SDD™ will expand to include SDD™ Compliant (a new standard for equipment to work with SDD™ assemblies).

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SDD™ Standard Disposables Design - Benefits for Industry and Suppliers