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We are delighted to announce that Carten have joined the SDD Compatible™ initiative, recognising compatibility with SDD™ assemblies.

SDD Compatible™ hardware is designed to confirm compatibility to the SDD™ parts and assemblies industry standard.  By choosing SDD Compatible™ equipment, you can be assured that the fit is right for your associated SDD™ parts and/or assemblies. 

“Carten joining the SDD Compatible™ initiative expands the offering significantly, given their product range. It provides greater opportunities for end users to adopt the growing international SDD™ standard for Single Use,” said Javier Lozano, Single Use SME and Process Department Manager, PM Group.

“Standardisation has been at the forefront of Carten’s products, processes and capabilities in the bioprocessing market for several years now, making our SUT product series collaboration with PM Group on SDD Compatible™ a perfect fit,’’ said Rebecca Caulfield, Commercial Director, Carten Controls Ltd.


About Carten Controls

Carten is a global leader in the design and manufacture of innovative high-performance valves and flow solutions, delivering solutions to the Semiconductor, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Energy and high technology industries.  Carten have been providing expert media-delivery solutions to firms in multiple industries for more than 40 years, with patented product lines released into single-use technology bioprocessing and vaccine production facilities.

In bioprocessing markets, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to an explosion of vaccine production, where speed-to-market and closed-system production has led to single-use technologies becoming the norm for new facility builds and suite installation – making Carten's SUT series the product of choice for vaccine manufacturers.

Many of Cartens new product lines are developed for cutting edge industries such H2 fuel cell energy development. The company aims to go beyond current requirements, ensuring the next generation of technology is developed in Carten. More


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About SDD™

SDD™ is an industry standard for parts drawings developed by PM Group in collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry and suppliers. Read more