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We are delighted to announce that ALLpaQ, the innovative pharma packaging supply company, have joined the SDD Compatible™ initiative.

SDD Compatible™ hardware is designed to confirm compatibility to the SDD™ parts and assemblies industry standard. 

By choosing SDD Compatible™ equipment, you can be assured that the fit is right for your associated SDD™ parts and/or assemblies. 

“ALLpaQ is the first vendor to sign up to the SDD Compatible™ initiative. It marks a significant development in the international SDD™ standard for disposables created by PM Group in 2015. It underlines our belief in the importance of the SDD™ standard to international sustainable supply chains,” said Austin Lock, Group Head of Technology, PM Group.

“It is important for production continuity for the global industry to have improved clarity on the availability of our products and their compatibility with SDD single-use bags,” said Phill Allen, ALLpaQ MD and Founder.

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About SDD™

SDD™ is an industry standard for parts drawings developed by PM Group in collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry and suppliers. 



About ALLpaQ

ALLpaQ is the market leader in creating innovative bioprocess containers and fluid management solutions. ALLpaQ pioneered the customisation of all-plastic secondary packaging. ALLpaQ helps biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies across the world to manufacture, store, ship and protect valuable media, buffers and bioprocess liquids both in the cleanroom and in transit.

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