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We are delighted to announce that Strikebox have joined the SDD Compatible™ initiative, recognising SDD™ compatibility for the Stainless Steel totes they supply.

SDD Compatible™ hardware is designed to confirm compatibility to the SDD™ parts and assemblies industry standard.  By choosing SDD Compatible™ equipment, you can be assured that the fit is right for your associated SDD™ parts and/or assemblies. 

“Strikebox join a growing number of vendors signing up to the SDD Compatible™ initiative. It marks a significant development and growing awareness and adaptation of the international SDD™ standard for Single Use.” said Catherine Lanigan, Pharma Sector Operations Manager, PM Group.

“This makes perfect sense, finally a standardisation initiative that will benefit both suppliers and customers.” said John O’Reilly, Managing Director at Strikebox….’


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About SDD™

SDD™ is an industry standard for parts drawings developed by PM Group in collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry and suppliers. Read more


About Strikebox

Strikebox Engineering is an Irish Engineering Company with an international reach. We design and manufacture Stainless Steel and Plastic equipment for the Pharmaceutical, BioProcessing, Medical Devices. In our work we help reshape the Healthcare Industry in what is now the most challenging of times.

We are led by our customer’s demand for ever increasing standards in Hygiene.

Today, we enjoy over 20 years enterprise tradition of leadership and innovation, and we continue to expand our manufacturing and service activities to meet the changing needs and innovations of our customers.

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