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We’re a long way from the days when, what we now think of as standard components on cars, were custom designed. Today over 30% of car components are standard, leaving a lot more room for new innovations.

The car industry recognised the significant efficiencies, energy savings and appeal that standardising these components would have to the customer.

SDD™ assemblies are the pharma facility’s car tyre code equivalent. Multiple suppliers can use the same code to provide a standard component. The same need to innovate and ultimately, deliver drugs to patients faster, is driving more designers to adopt standardisation and SDD™.

Leading suppliers

SDD™ has a number of key suppliers on board including Sartorius, Avantor, Saint Gobain, ESI Ultrapure and Artesyn Biosolutions. It is available 24/7 and easily accessible online.

The future

The future for SDD™ is simple.  The more end users adopt standardisation and dictate the standards they need, the more SDD™ can be further developed to meet those needs. PM Group’s role is to manage the process of change with suppliers. 'SDD™ is very flexible and if the end user community clearly defines what they want, PM Group will be happy to manage the process of change with the suppliers. SDD™ is not about cost reduction, it is about efficiency in the supply chain, inventory held and warehouse size,’ said Dave Wolton, Biopharma Consultant, PM Group.

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