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We were pleased to welcome the SDD™ Single Use vendors to Dublin for the ISPE Ireland Conference recently. Among them were representatives from Sartorius, Avantor, Saint Gobain, ESI Ultrapure and Artesyn Biosolutions.

Significant operational benefits

During the meeting vendors had the opportunity to talk to end users about their needs and single use/standardisation. Standardisation brings significant operational benefits, however, customisation is still a very necessary part of the supply chain. The vendors also discussed their extensive capabilities in this area. 

"As a group, we shared client feedback and talked about the SDD™ library, which currently has 350+ assemblies. What we are seeing is that clients are reporting significant operational benefits by adopting SDD™ and standardisation. Both have the potential to allow more spend on new innovations. This is why we see it becoming a major part of the design and supply chain of major pharmaceutical facilities," said Dave Wolton, Biopharma Consultant, PM Group. 

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Pictured above:

From left to right: David McCullough, Avantor; Ralph Fitzsimmons, Saint Gobain; Emma O'Flynn, ESI Ultrapure; Luke Coxon, Sartorius; Dave Wolton, PM Group; Conor Kehoe, Artesyn Biosolutions and Catherine Lanigan, PM Group