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We are delighted that members of our UK Women’s Network chapter were recently able to support Gradfuel’s Women Empowerment event. The event focused on helping young women who are looking to start their careers as graduates, with a particular focus on STEM related opportunities.

Karina McNally, EC&I Engineer and Co-Chair for the UK’s Women’s Network, took part in a STEM panel discussion at the event. She focused on her own personal experiences as a Woman within the engineering industryKarina provided information and tips on how she has so far navigated what is traditionally a male dominated industry. Karina spoke about how she handled negative experiences during her time at university and when embarking on her career.

”It’s important to talk about these things and share with other women because it’s not a plain sailing experience. It can be hard and women in STEM still face misogyny and sexism”, said Karina following the event. “It was an honour to share my experiences and to have it resonate with other women too. It’s about company and awareness; it can be very lonely if you think it’s just you.’ Karina continued.

Her panel talk also explored the soft and technical skills that allowed her to be successful in her role and how she found her feet with at PM Group. “Gender can be a prominent factor in people’s lives. At PM Group, people are encouraged to simply be who they are, sitting on an equal and respected playing field. At work I am not a female engineer, I am simply just an Engineer’, Karina concluded.

About Gradfuel

Gradfuel is a London based staffing and recruiting company that aims to support graduates in their job search. Gradfuel also work to organise women empowerment focused events to help support the gender balance between different disciplines and sectors.