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At this year’s ISPE Conference, Process Engineer, Xin Yi Ong presented at the Women in Pharma event. The conference theme was ‘Speed to Market’. Discussion centred on how we can bring new medicines to patients safer, faster and more sustainably.

During the event, Xin discussed the benefits of ISPE’s Women in Pharma membership and what it aims to achieve in the future. These include personal and professional growth as well as the social impact of being diverse, inclusive and equitable.

ISPE’s Women in Pharma group aims to bridge gender, cultural  and geographic boundaries. Our goal is to maximize the impact women have on the Industry and its communities,” said Xin.

The best impact our members can make is to help eliminate barriers and unconscious bias. Our focus is on fostering partnerships and creating value in the workplace,” Xin concluded.

About Xin

Xin is a process engineering consultant, specialising in particle science. Her interests are in the design of food, pharmaceutical and chemical processes. Xin is also a visiting senior lecturer.