Key Statistics
MSD Milton Keynes
PM Group Office
4,800 sqm (three buildings)

MSD is a global healthcare leader and a trade name of Merck & Co. Inc., based in the USA. MSD (Milton Keynes) offer a wide range of veterinary pharmaceuticals, vaccines and health management solutions and services. PM Group have 30+ years' experience working with the MSD Group.

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Andy Rayner
Andy Rayner

Pharmaceutical Sector Director

The project

The project consisted of design, construction and qualification of three new facilities on an existing pharma manufacturing site. The site's infrastructure was also upgraded to support the new development.

The three new facilities consisted of:

  • Quality Control
  • Fill-Finish Manufacturing Facility
  • Logistics Facility

These facilities include laboratories, secondary Pharma manufacturing suites, classified areas, fill-finish suite, coldroom storage and utility areas.

Modular build

The new fill-finish facility was designed and built using the latest cleanroom technology, setting a benchmark for future cleanroom developments. PM Group maximised the use of off-site modular construction and skid pre-assembly in order to reduce construction workforce requirements on site, reduce traffic movements and minimise disruption to local residents. The quality control facility was a complete modular construction, manufactured off-site, transported to and installed on site.

Andy Rayner

Pharmaceutical Sector Director