Baijiu fermentation facility, Chengdu, China.
Key Statistics
PM Group Office
300,000 sq.m.

PM Group is providing EPCM services for a new Baijiu facility in Western China. It will be the largest fermentation facility in Chengdu.

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Tom Waters
Tom Waters

Food Sector Director

About Baijiu

With more than 10 billion bottles sold per year, Baijiu is the world’s most popular spirit. It is a staple drink at most Chinese celebrations.

Made and consumed in China for over 5,000 years, Baijiu is considered a key part of the national heritage. Baijiu means ‘white alcohol’ referencing the 40 to 60% alcohol by volume (ABV) liquid.

A key Baijiu ingredient is the ‘Qu’, a grain based fermentation starter. This is essential for the breakdown of the sugars to allow alcohol to form. Along with the Qu, a combination of six different rice and grains are mixed and steamed before being buried in mud pits to ferment. The pit is then uncovered and the layers of fermented grains removed and distilled to extract the liquid. This cycle is repeated by adding new ingredients to the already fermented mix and processing over and over.

The distilled liquid is matured in clay pots for three to ten years before being blended and bottled. Baijiu flavors can be as varied as whiskey.

Tom Waters

Food Sector Director