Multi-Discipline Engineering Framework with Essar Oil and Gas in the UK
Key Statistics
Essar Oil and Gas
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Essar Oil is a fully integrated oil and gas company of international scale. Its Stanlow refinery is a significant facility within Essar’s operational portfolio. It currently services 15% of the UK demand for automotive fuel.

The scope

Under a multi-disciplinary engineering design and project management framework, the team (formerly PM Projen) delivers small, complex projects within an operating environment typically designed to deliver process improvements. The work carried out by the team on site keeps the facility running at the required capacity whilst maintaining its compliance with a wide range of legislative requirements.

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Peter Farrelly
Peter Farrelly

Multi-discipline services

Key services delivered across a range of projects include Project and Construction Management, Process, Mechanical, EC&I, Civil & Structural Engineering, QS, Procurement, Laser Scanning, as well as the provision of a number of site based discipline engineers.

The Challenge

Our team manages a portfolio of projects with individual capital values of up to £1m. At any one time we are managing several projects at various stages of their development cycle. Project timescales vary from a few weeks to around a year.

This type of collaborative three year framework has given Essar access to a large team of engineers with a vast range of skills and experience.

Peter Farrelly