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Aseptic Fill-Finish

Ensuring you select the right specialist to deliver your aseptic fill finish project is a challenging task.  Whatever your project, we have the right people with the right skills to deliver it.

PM Group has designed, constructed, commissioned and qualified formulation and fill finish facilities (including associated packaging lines) and utilities, such as water for injection and clean steam systems, for both aseptic and terminally sterilized products, for many of the world’s leading multi-nationals.

We deliver cost effective, high quality world class facilities that conform to corporate and global regulatory standards, with an understanding of the need to take into account the lifetime of the facility.

Our expertise encompasses designs for facilities processing the full range of product containers and delivery devices, with a deep understanding of the new challenges facing our clients with the ever-changing product mix and project timelines.
The increasing demand for single-use technology for the product path and the expanding use of multi-format filling machines (such as nested vials, syringes, cartridges), for ultimate flexibility, are areas that PM Group is closely working in and leading the way.

We have extensive knowledge in the area of the various guarding systems, employed for filling lines and lyophilizer load/unload systems, such as Restricted Access Barrier Systems (RABS) and also Isolators with Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP) sterilization. We also have a wide range of lyophilization experience, both in design and operation. 

We work closely with and support our clients at all project phases; from early feasibility and concept design to detailed design, construction and commissioning, through qualification and forward into production. PM Group can be trusted to be there every step of the way.

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