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Tom Waters
Tom Waters

Food Sector Director

Excellent track record

We have long track record designing and constructing food facilities across the world.

Supply chain covered

Our services begin with your investment plans through the project lifecycle to handover. We will partner with you at every stage.

Understanding your business

We grew up in industry and consultancy. Our exceptional multi-disciplinary team understand your business.

In-depth industry knowledge

The food industry faces major challenges in the dynamic global consumer market. New facilities need to be built quicker and be more adaptable to future consumer trends. Existing facilities need to cater to new products and technologies that maintain quality and food safety.

Let us bring our world-class knowledge and extensive experience to your project, regardless of its size or complexity. Our services cover a wide range of sub-sectors including nutritional, dairy, bakery and confectionery, beverage, flavours and fragrances, convenience foods, consumer goods and consumer health

Process specific

Our core expertise is in the integration of facility design and construction with the process and packaging elements. We incorporate all the necessary regulatory and GMP requirements at all stages. Integrating the process train into the facility design, whilst optimising GMP and ATEX zoning, is second nature to our specialist process engineers.

We incorporate specific, added value key performance indicators (KPIs) into our specifications. At the same time, we ensure you benefit from the full equipment life cycle and product performance.

Specialist expertise

Our specialist food sector services include:

  • Food safety/GMP
  • Hygienic layout design
  • Process engineering
  • Process package engineering
  • Refrigeration and process cooling applications
  • Automation and information systems
  • Environmental/safety/risk engineering
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Logistics design
  • Sustainability services
  • Energy audits
  • BIM

PM Group is a member of the European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG).

Adding value through innovation

We have unique experience in a wide range of food and consumer health sector specific technologies. We can draw on our world class pharma/biotech capability and often get involved in R&D/pilot plant design. In the new product development space, these include, aroma capture, new mixing/blending processes, heat and pressure treatment of various powders and beverages.

Generic/modular designs

We have a unique track record in the development of generic/modular designs for large multi-national corporations to allow quicker project delivery and roll-out. We call this MRD (Market Ready Design). MRD is a flexible design package that can be tailored to specific requirements and geographic location. The design package accelerates progress on your project and includes scope, layout drawings and guidelines.

Standardising for greater efficiencies

Our extensive experience in developing architectural and engineering standards can be applied across projects in any jurisdiction with minimal customisation. With the obvious time and cost efficiencies, we have been helping many of our multi-national clients to standardise their facility developments across the world.

Tom Waters

Food Sector Director