Compatible with the Industry Standard

SDD Compatible™ is the mark of assurance that the equipment or hardware is compatible with SDD™ assembly designs.

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Javier Lozano
Javier Lozano

This is the next step in the journey towards increased industry standardisation.  By selecting a product marked with the SDD Compatible™ label, you are selecting something which has been checked to ensure it will fit the compatible part or assembly from the SDD™ library.

Peace of mind

SDD Compatible™ is the perfect partner for SDD™.  While you may choose to go with one vendor or many for SDD™, SDD Compatible™ equipment is designed to fit and checked for compatibility.


Significant benefits

  • Simplified streamline design
  • Speed of procurement
  • Assured compatibility


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SDD Compatible™ does not accept any liability whatsoever for the quality or fitness for purposes of any products made by a third party company.

Javier Lozano