A library of designs

SDD™ assembly designs are simple standard solutions for everyday applications. It includes disposable assemblies such as bags, filter sets and manifolds. PM Group has created a database of around 350 assembly designs that can be produced by multiple suppliers and can be used by any end user or engineering firm.

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Javier Lozano
Javier Lozano

Globally shared across industry

Our vision for SDD™ is a world where most major biopharmaceutical companies store their medias and buffers in bags of the same design. Our goal is to facilitate the standardisation of auxiliary functions disposable design between biopharmaceutical companies.

Reduced cost and increased efficiency

SDD™ is a unique service solution that speeds the design of drug manufacturing processes through the use of standardised components. This global innovation offers huge benefits to the pharmaceutical industry by helping drugs come to market faster, reducing the cost of manufacture and producers' stock levels of key components. It facilitates global availability of standard components through networks of suppliers.


Significant benefits

  • Speed up your plant design
  • Interconnectivity of your assemblies between different suppliers
  • Chose from multiple suppliers
  • Get ‘Like for like’ comparisons
  • Improved security of supply


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Javier Lozano