Safety and quality driven data centre Cx

High quality testing and commissioning of data centre facilities is imperative to ensure robust business critical uptime. PM Group offers this service both as a stand alone Cx Manager / Agent or as part of an integrated project delivery model with our A/E and construction management services. Our approach combines experienced people with tried and trusted systems and procedures to ensure that we can deliver high quality and compliant results for our clients.

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Grainne Ryan, Group Head of CQV
Grainne Ryan, Group Head of CQV

Industry leaders

As data centre technology has evolved, PM Group has advised and guided clients on the best solutions to meet their changing business needs.

Proven track record

We work with long standing clients across multiple locations. We have been delivering data centres for over 20 years.

Lean Cx methodologies

We tailor our procedures and methodologies to each clients requirements, ensuring lean and compliant delivery.      

Moving rapidly with our clients

With a proven delivery platform, our highly motivated, experienced commissioning teams achieve high quality and compliant results across the full range of Cx services. Our offering encompasses both Cx Manager and Cx Agent roles. 

Collaborative project execution philosophy

Our project delivery philosophy is based on integrating Cx from the earliest stages of design. PM Group ensures alignment on expectations through proactive engagement with the client, designers, procurement, construction and Cx leadership teams. 

From project scoping and definition through to execution, a key part of our role is ensuring that client requirements are delivered. Our final Integrated Systems Testing (IST) provides proof and demonstrates that your data centre is capable of maintaining business critical uptime.

​Data centre commissioning services:

  • Data centre commissioning and commissioning management 
  • Design review 
  • Cx masterplanning 
  • Cx strategy development
  • QA / QC controls 
  • FAT / FWT testing / witnessing site inspections
  • Startup acceptance testing 
  • Functional performance testing 
  • System integration testing and validation
  • Issue resolution 
  • Existing building commissioning
Grainne Ryan, Group Head of CQV