Enabling a Net Zero world

Climate science indicates we must reduce our greenhouse gas emissions to Net Zero by mid century to limit climate risks and prevent catastrophic human disaster. Buildings represent approx 40% of total global carbon emissions, including the materials used to construct them and energy used to operate them. 

As society transitions to Net Zero, decarbonisation of buildings is an urgent requirement.

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Barry McDermott
Barry McDermott

Group Head of Sustainability

How we can help

Enabling Net Zero buildings

Sustainable solutions that ensure environmental protection and economic benefit.

Solutions to your ESG goals

Creating better spaces to work, in harmony with our natural environment.


We bring internationally recognised, award winning expertise in sustainable project delivery.

Sustainable project delivery

PM Group can support smart planning and decision-making from the earliest stages of your sustainable building project. This, together with intelligent and integrated sustainable design thinking, can set your building’s carbon emission trajectory towards Net Zero and mitigate future emissions - even as your business grows.   

At PM Group, our vision is to work with our clients to build a more sustainable world. This is enshrined in our Corporate Strategy and in our ISO certified work practices.

“The decisions we make now can secure a liveable future. We have the tools and know-how required to limit warming.” IPCC



Whether a new or existing building, effective decarbonisation begins with reducing energy consumption demand through efficiency, then recovering and reusing waste energy through circular thinking within the building. Following that, the building energy mix is shifted from fossil fuels to low carbon energy sources such as biogas, electrification or on site renewable technologies.

PM Group decarbonisation solutions have reduced CO2 emissions by up to 75% through direct onsite management and low carbon solutions.

Bespoke solutions

One size does not fit all. These principles of decarbonisation can only be successfully implemented through solutions bespoke to the building function, and recognising the infrastructure of the building's location.

Sustainable building design can achieve significant carbon and operational cost savings. It should be considered a business investment opportunity.

Recent project examples

Just some of our recent project work in this area:

Specialist sustainability services

Our specialist Environment and Sustainability service team works with our clients to achieve their ESG / Sustainability goals and Science based reduction targets.

Key expertise includes;

  • Sustainable masterplanning
  • Green material selection and Life Cycle assessment
  • Building physics including CFD modelling, daylighting, thermal simulation etc.
  • Energy efficiency and renewable solutions
  • Decarbonisation studies including technology feasibility, costing and planning
  • Water management and recovery
  • Green Building sustainability assessment e.g. LEED, BREEAM, GreenMark etc.



PM Group’s strategy has sustainability at its core and in 2022 we announced CarbonNeutral® company certification.

Barry McDermott

Group Head of Sustainability