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In an article in the Lean Construction Ireland, LCi Book of Cases, PM Group's Michael Kerr explores how the digital asset is enabling us to innovate the project delivery process.

Since our foundation in 1973, we have been focused on providing design, construction and commissioning services that deliver physical assets. These assets in turn enable our clients to provide their products and services to their customers. Digital enabled Project Delivery (DePD) is now allowing us to provide a full digital asset in addition to the physical one. It is helping us to reduce waste, simplify and make safer, higher quality construction. Commissioning can start much earlier in the virtual space and helps us to influence quality and customer satisfaction.

Expanding our delivery capability

This most recent DePD innovation expands our delivery capability further. However what sets this apart from previous innovations, is the fusion of Lean thinking and practices which has resulted in innovations in:

  • Products and services - we now couple the digital asset to that of the physical asset
  • Delivery process – the elimination of non-value added activity 
  • The way we organize and manage people - earlier and extended engagement of the entire project delivery community

Learn more about the lean initiative, tools and techniques including:

  • Advanced Work package planning incorporating Takt planning methods
  • Paperless Receipt Verification
  • Early Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS)


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To hear more about the LCi Book of Cases initiative, listen to Richard Fitzpatrick, Chairman of Lean Construction.