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Innovations evolve from a true understanding of the challenge presented. We use our extensive industry knowledge and client experience to develop innovative ideas that solve clients’ challenges across their business.

Innovative Facilities 

Our innovations help to improve performance, flexibility and competitiveness. When we design your facility, we focus on the physical facility, its design features and its technologies. We know you need flexibility to adapt now and in the future. Our designs incorporate smart manufacturing features including enhanced automation, digital and cloud systems. Real-time data collection facilitates live, in the moment decision-making.  

Our combined offering delivers sustainable buildings and optimised operations amongst other aspects. We work with you across all design disciplines. These are underpinned by our embedded Digitally enabled Lean Project Delivery systems. 

Solutions include virtual and augmented reality, 4D, BIM, energy efficiency and food safety. We're also developing innovations in 5D, standardisation and robotics. 

Innovative people

Through our annual Innovation In Action programme, we capture and develop new ideas that address a diverse range of challenges across our sectors. Learn about some of the exciting innovations in this years Innovation scheme.

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Innovation In Action Awards 2023