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​2023 was a successful year for PM Group's TechTeam, with 80+ contributors involved in pushing the boundaries of innovative facility and technology design.

Collaborations with universities, industry bodies, suppliers and clients have yielded diverse outputs. The team co-authored multiple external publications and presented papers on diverse topics at international conferences. Additionally, they facilitated multi-client forums, client meetings, and guest lectures at universities..

Tech Teamfocus Areas 2023

Azzurra Fab

Our biggest initiative involves developing Azzurra FAB. This is a humanless and gloveless aseptic filling platform in a miniature room isolator with support robots. Its acceptance into the FDA Emerging Technology Programme and the signing of a commercial contract with our collaboration partner Pharma Integration signals a promising future for this project.

Future plans

"It is planned to further expand the TechTeam programme in 2024. Obviously though, the TechTeam success will continue to depend on the dedication of its members who share a desire to move industry forward,” said Austin Lock, Technical Director.