Efficient project delivery

Managed service is a process where clients outsource the delivery of small and medium sized capital projects to a specialist project delivery company. Managed service teams are based on client sites and operate in place of in-house project and engineering resources. For decades, PM Group has provided a comprehensive managed service to clients on projects across Europe and Asia.

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Jonathan Cuthbert
Jonathan Cuthbert

Group Head of Managed Service

Increased productivity

Through constant and consistent scope challenging and value engineering.

Performance and value

We ensure each project is executed safely, on time and within budget.


We have been providing Managed Services to our clients for decades and have long term partnerships with some of our clients.

Efficient, cost effective approach

Managed service is a cost efficient and effective way to deliver projects. It reduces the need to increase the company’s own resources, helping to match varying capital project demands.

Our team is your team

We have a flexible managed service business model. We take total responsibility for the management and delivery of your entire portfolio of small to medium sized capital projects. Our teams are based on your site and operate in place of your own in-house project and engineering resources.

From concept through to handover

Our team will work with you to define the scope and develop an accurate budget and schedule for each of your projects for funding approval. Once approved, we will take your project from concept through design, procurement, construction, commissioning qualification verification and hand it over to you completed and ready for production.

Managing projects from concept to completion

Typically projects range from €110k to €15m in capital value. Whether it is a pump replacement or a building extension we will manage the project from concept to completion. We deliver all types of projects including buildings, cleanrooms, utilities and process installations.

Benefits of managed service delivery

  • Client site project resources are maintained at LEAN level leading to reduced operating costs
  • Projects resourcing becomes a variable cost that is increased or decreased to match capital expenditure profile on site
  • Avail of ‘best in class’ project delivery at competitive rates
  • Capital cost is reduced through constant and consistent scope challenging and value engineering
  • Clear and consistent forecasting and reporting of capital spend
  • Efficient project delivery by utilising PM Group’s developed project management tools
  • Leveraging of local and regional suppliers and contractors base to get best value for money
  • Improved project budget, schedule and safety performance

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Looking to work in a Managed Service team?

We have excellent long and short-term opportunities across disciplines on exciting projects for multi-national organisations. If you are keen to progress your career in a rewarding environment, see our jobs page for details.

Jonathan Cuthbert

Group Head of Managed Service