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The world is changing and by engaging with and educating students in biodiversity, schools can improve their own performance.

Our Birmingham office recently delivered a joint CR and environmental initiative to encourage biodiversity within its community.

Alderbrook School has a vision to transform an empty 160 sq.m. outdoor space into an area for sixth form students to socialise, study in and engage with biodiversity. Our team was delighted to provide pro-bono design services to help progress this vision and enhance biodiversity within the local area.

The final design was split into four development phases in line with the school’s requirements; Clearance, Ground Work, Seating and Planting.

Adam Watkins who led the design for PM Group said: “While a focus was on redesigning the outdoor area, we also provided guidance on features that could be incorporated to encourage biodiversity. This included suggestions on different plants to attract different wildlife.”

Area features, such as vegetable patches, were also presented to help drive healthy eating, along with further biodiversity ideas such as a Pollinator House, Leaf Pile, Clay Bird Feeder and a Butterfly Garden.

“We are delighted to have had the expertise of PM Group to create thoughtful and imaginative plans that are fit for purpose. We look forward to using the design to enhance our facilities and provide an important wellbeing resource to benefit many students, especially at this time,” said Becky Hess, Sixth Form Learning and Wellbeing Manager at Alderbrook School.


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