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Increasingly robots are executing many routine operations in biologics manufacturing. But much more needs to be done to develop smarter, less expensive and more versatile robots or cobots.

In the April edition of BioProcess International, Dave Wolton, Rajesh G Beri and Carl-Helmut Coulon explore the potential applications for robotics in biomanufacturing. 

The article explores the availability of robotic systems, incentives for robotics suppliers to adapt existing systems or develop new solutions for the biomanufacturing industry.  The authors highlight key challenges in implementing mobile robotics in biomanufacturing. 

“To our knowledge, this is one of the first publications covering robotic applications for the biomanufacturing industry. A team of industry experts coordinated by the BioPhorum Operations Group (BioPhorum, London, UK) assisted with critical discussions and data gathering for this introductory article,” said the authors.

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Dave Wolton contributed his expertise to this article as part of a PM Group Technology Team initiative.


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