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This is the question we asked our clients, trade and professional partners. The answers are contained in our Sustainability Stakeholder Engagement Report, along with key insights into what the critical sustainability issues are for our industry.

Some of the reoccurring themes that emerged included:

  • Adopting science based reduction targets to achieve a Net Zero goal;
  • A requirement for transparent reporting and carbon reduction targets for all parts of the supply chain;
  • Capital projects must include low carbon design, green materials & sustainable construction;

More importantly it has highlighted that collaboration and partnership will be fundamental to the success of delivering organisational and societal ambitions.

At PM Group we are committed to developing innovative solutions and approaches to the challenges ahead.

Collaboration and partnership have been fundamental to PM Group’s success over the last 50 years. They are part of our DNA and a cornerstone of how we deliver projects.  There is no doubt that the challenges we collectively face to achieve our Net Zero goals will only be met by real collaboration up and down the supply chain.

Novel designs, low carbon materials and new ways of working will be required to facilitate our carbon reduction journeys and a partnership approach will accelerate the transition. We look forward to working with our supply chain partners to realise our Vision to be “A highly valued and creative delivery partner, building a more sustainable world with our clients,” said Eileen Lee, Director of Service Delivery, PM Group


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