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PM Group is pleased to support the BITCI and CSR Europe’s CEO Call for Action.

“We support the call to CEOs across Europe to join together to accelerate sustainable growth, tackle climate change and create more inclusive prosperity. As a company delivering projects and facilities for our clients all over Europe, we know we can improve the impact we make on the environment around us. We are deeply committed to that and to helping our clients and stakeholders to do the same,” said Dave Murphy, CEO, PM Group.

The CEO Call for Action was made as part of the Brussels SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) Summit.  The theme of the summit was leadership and engagement on key issues including:

  • Youth inclusion and education 
  • Girls in STEM 
  • Skills for the 21st century jobs 
  • Social innovation partnerships
  • Sustainable finance and investment 
  • Sustainable supply chain
  • Climate change and sustainable cities

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  • SDG (Sustainable Development Goals)
  • CSR Europe
  • BITCI (Business in the Community Ireland)