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We were delighted to sponsor IChemE's Biochemical Engineering Special Interest Group event in Birmingham in December.

The conference focused on sustainable facility and utility design in the pharma sector.

Barry McDermott, Head of Sustainability, PM Group, presented our developments regarding net-zero asset delivery. In particular, focusing on embodied carbon footprint in pharma production facilities, and decarbonisation planning.

"The application of sustainability to biopharma manufacturing and how it can be improved is a key industry focus. With our decarbonisation solutions reducing CO2 emissions by 75%, it is important to engage with forums like this. It allows us to play a part in sharing knowledge about ways to continue driving sustainability in the Biopharma sector," said Barry.

"It is not just operational carbon that needs addressing, it is embodied carbon too. We are helping our clients understand where carbon is embodied in the facility, in order to get to net-zero," Barry added.


About IChemE BESIG

IChemE’s Biochemical Engineering Special Interest Group provides an international forum for the technical and professional development of biochemical engineering for industrial practitioners, academics and students.