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Paul Hannan, Group DeLPD Applications Manager, PM Group talks to Irish Building Magazine about his perspective on technology and how it has improved lean processes in the Company.

Designing and managing complex projects for high profile clients across Europe, the USA and Asia, requires PM Group to operate at the top of its game. It requires consistency in best practices and approach; best in class technology and workflows; flexibility to scale, as needed by the projects; and deep insights garnered from data.

At a very high level our digital vision guides our transformation to a digital organisation; it is where we want to get to. In short, we want to build a highly connected workforce with fast reliable access to data, to deliver innovative, Lean and sustainable solutions to meet the changing future needs of our clients through the lifecycle of their operation. Essentially, it’s about preparing ourselves for the future to ensure we as an organisation are in the best possible position to continue to meet our clients’ requirements and growth.”


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About Paul Hannan

Paul Hannan is the Group DeLPD (Digitally enabled Lean Project Delivery) Applications Manager. Paul is a member of the PM Group Digital Leadership Team and is also Digital Lead for Engineering.